Monday, 1 March 2010

Platoon Flag Carrier

Continuing my assault against similar looking models in my army, I whipped up a flag carrier from a couple of pieces of pinning wire and some green stuff. I also plan to make a company standard in the future as soon as I get some decent plasticard; and I plan on making it more exciting than this one (just need to get a workable design first)!

First Valhallan Basilisk Painted

First of all apologies for no posts recently; real life has got in the way of my painting campaign. But to make up for it I have a couple of posts.
So this is my first Valhallan Basilisk fully painted. This is one of a few camo ideas I'm going to use for my artillery. It's done quite simply: Base coat of chaos black. Heavily dry brushed in a mix of 1:2 scorched brown:bleached bone. Then using one of the foam pieces you get in blisters, sponging on skull white. It gives quite a good rustic snow effect. I'm going to use this for my 'older' looking basilisks, while the new ones will have a more factory fresh and uniform camo of light greys and whites in a classic camo pattern.