Sunday, 14 February 2010

Vox Caster Variants

Just to mix up the squads a bit I'm converting a couple of models. This is the first of the simple conversations: I just put some Catachan commlink backpacks on a few different miniatures.

Heavy Weapon Snow Bases

I haven't written in a while so this is the first of several updates I need to make. I have been experimenting with bicarbonate of soda mixtures to make the perfect bases. It took a lot of trial and error to get it to the right consistency but I settled with roughly 1:1.5:2 water:PVA:bicarbonate. It fizzes up give a lot so you need to keep stirring it to let out the carbon dioxide. I stuck mine in a pot and gave it a shake every minute or so (make sure you keep the lid off when not shaking or the pressure will build up with humorous consequences!). I'm going to use this to base most of my miniatures, but since so few are painted at the moment I used this batch for my heavy weapon bases. I need about 15 60mm bases and at £2.50 for 3 from GW that's quite an expense. So I got some cut from plywood; worked out pretty well at £1.50 for 25! I also got some resin rocks and made up some sandbags to add a bit of variance and plan on using some razor wire as well. These are two of them:

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Winter/Snow Camo Patterns

Exams are over, Uni's back in the swing of things and that means I can get back to the project. The first order of business is making a bit of variety in my army by producing a few camo patterns. I looked through lots of real winter and snow camos as well some 40k ones. These are the ones I've chosen: A mainly white with black smudges camo; a winter pine forest camo with catachan green splodges; and a uniform grey and black geometric pattern from the GW website. I reckon with the pure white uniform as well these will add great variance in the way my troops will look. I might even add some in brown and/or tan coats; maybe to represent veterans or conscripts. See what you think:

Pattern 1: black smudges

Pattern 2: Catachan Green Splodges

Pattern 3: Grey and Black Geometric Camo