Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Winter/Snow Camo Patterns

Exams are over, Uni's back in the swing of things and that means I can get back to the project. The first order of business is making a bit of variety in my army by producing a few camo patterns. I looked through lots of real winter and snow camos as well some 40k ones. These are the ones I've chosen: A mainly white with black smudges camo; a winter pine forest camo with catachan green splodges; and a uniform grey and black geometric pattern from the GW website. I reckon with the pure white uniform as well these will add great variance in the way my troops will look. I might even add some in brown and/or tan coats; maybe to represent veterans or conscripts. See what you think:

Pattern 1: black smudges

Pattern 2: Catachan Green Splodges

Pattern 3: Grey and Black Geometric Camo