Sunday, 3 January 2010

Army List

So I spent Christmas trawling eBay and forums for Valhallan miniatures. They're few and far between but I managed to get a good haul (I'm still waiting for the main bulk to come through the post - hopefully they haven't gotten lost!). I had a good idea of what I wanted in my army and I stuck true to it. So this is my first provisional army list:


Company Command Squad (105 Pts)
-Company Standard
-Master of Ordnance


Infantry Platoon 1

Platoon Command Squad (90 Pts)
-Commander Chenkov

Infantry Squad 1 (70 Pts)

Infantry Squad 2 (65 Pts)

Infantry Squad 3 (65 Pts)

Special Weapons Squad 1 (50 Pts)
-Grenade Launcher x3

Infantry Platoon 2

Platoon Command Squad (35 Pts)

Infantry Squad 1 (60 Pts)

Infantry Squad 2 (80 Pts)

Conscript Squad 1 (263 Pts)
-Send in the Next Wave
-27 More Conscripts

Heavy Weapons Squad 1 (75 Pts)
-Heavy Bolter x3

Heavy Weapons Squad 2 (105 Pts)
-Lascannon x3

Heavy Weapons Squad 3 (60 Pts)
-Mortar x3

-Heavy Support-

Ordinance Battery (375 Pts)
-3x Basilisk

Total: 1498 Pts

So the tactics are pretty simple with this army; stay still and bomb the enemy to dust.

The CCS will have to stay still so I can use the Master of Ordnance, so they find some cover and start issuing orders.

Platoon 2 is the cover for both the artillery and Platoon 1. Looking at it now I might have gone overboard with the Conscripts, but they will make excellent meatsheilds for the basilisks and mortars. Also whilst Chenkov is still alive they will carry on rocking it with Send in the Next Wave. Basically they will all stay stationary in a defensive formation: The Mortars and Bolters mopping up any infantry that weren't taken out by the Basilisks, whilst the Lascannons take on any Heavy Support that might be kicking around.

Platoon 1 will capture objectives and can act as an axillary meatsheild. They can also draw fire away from the artillery and occupy anything that might want to hit the Basilisks/Weapon Teams with a sword/powerfist.

So the highlight of the army is the artillery: 4 Earthshakers (3 from the Basilisks and 1 from Mr. Ordnance). Should bring the pain to most infantry. Hopefully with 1500pts there should also be some good scattering effects if they miss.

Obviously this will be great against horde armies, with downfalls against mechanised armies; especially armies with two or three Landraiders in. Anything with armour value 14 could be a problem. Also deep striking Termies and Dreads could cause issues. But hey, its a fun army and I'll see how it plays!

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