Thursday, 14 January 2010

Valhallan Fluff/ Info

Greetings all! I know I have a couple of Valhallan fan's reading my blog and this is for them (no update on the army, I'm still in the process of removing flash etc. and drilling 100 odd lasgun barrels... Fun!): I recently got hold of White Dwarf 183 from March 1995. It has a good 5 pages on Valhallans including their background story and some tactics! If I can get hold of a scanner I'll pop a couple of pages up on here. Also I found out who the Valhallan designer and sculptor was; the famous Alan Perry. That's all for now, hopefully next time I will have an update on some different camo patterns in response to the feedback I got (Thanks for that BTW, its much appreciated!).

White Dwarf 183

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  1. thank you for the tip, i'll try to download this somewhere!