Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Pig Iron Heads

Just got some Pig Iron heads through the post:

They are the Militia winter head sprues: 20 heads for £4. I plan to use these heads on Cadian bodies for veterans, and for my command squad.

I also bought some Catachan commlinks to make some cheap voxcasters (£7 a piece for a Valhallan voxcaster). I got them off a quality guy on eBay that I've bough off before who mainly sells bitz: miniaturmen07. Check him out if you need a few bitz 'n' bobs.


  1. Good to see more Valhallans ! I'm fielding two platoons at the moment. They're the only ones where my paint job looks adequate.

    I've got a squad of colony militia, who look the part. When I need more, I may go down that route rather than fight my way through e-bay.

  2. these heads are really nice, i used them on my tank crew. i have too a valhallan army and currently i'm painting it after year (about 10) of vintage miniature collecting! good to see another Valhallan Blog! yo man!