Friday, 8 January 2010

Painted Valhallans Ahoy!

I finally painted the first of my Valhallans. I decided to go with a white uniform to match their environment (in keeping with the fluff). I've got three painted atm but there will be more to come:


Valhallan Flamer

Valhallan Trooper

I was worried that a white colour scheme wouldn't have much contrast, however, I'm pretty damn happy with how these guys turned out. My general painting formula was:

Primer: Skull White
Basecoat: Astronomican Grey
Wash: Badab Black
Layer 1: 1:1 Astronomican Grey/Skull White
Layer 2: 1:2 Astronomican Grey/Skull White
Layer 3: Thinned Skull White
Layer 4: Thinned Skull White
Extreme Highlights: Skull White

I also tried a couple of different techniques for the bases. The flamer has the GW snow baser on it. I personally don't like this... It has a very fluffy (not 'fluffy') look to it, not the right type of snow for me. I also experimented with bicarbonate with PVA for the Troopers base, this is closer to what I want. I might take some advise from Müller's Minatures from Valhall.

Since it has been snowing pretty heavily I couldn't resist taking some photos of these miniatures in the snow. Have a look:


  1. They look great in the snow, good job on the realistic looking, very WWII camo.

  2. really nice minis but i think you should add a bit of colour to the whole scheme like some shadow grey/catachan green dots to the camo imho. another thing: drill the nozzles!!

  3. I have models you may be interested in, check out this link: